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It has recently come to our attention that a company in Kaanapali has been illegally misusing Maui photographer's trade names to advertise their own services. They have been fraudulently using other photography businesses Trade Names to advertise their services with Google's sponsored listings (Adwords.) Their misrepresentation of their services not only harms these photographers but also the clients they receive. Photography clients think they're booking these other photographers when really they're getting some other photographer.

After having spoken to the photography company, we found out that they had hired some outsourced Search Engine company to boost their traffic organically as well as with sponsored listings. Without their knowledge, this SEO company used software to find the best keywords to use for photography in Maui. Some of these keywords were for individual photographer's names. They've since fixed the problem by deleting these keywords and titles in their ads.

HAWAII Photographers: Please Google your business names and see if your name comes up in the upper or right column of sponsored listings. If you find your Registered Trademarked Business Name on 1 of their ads, please contact Google to complain about the unauthorized use of your name. ALSO, check to make sure that your OWN ads are not using other photographers names, especially if you outsource.

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