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Focusing on quality, originality, and a strong customer connection, Jonathan strives to express the stunning beauty of the islands in each of his images. He is completely dedicated to his craft, and ensures not only a wonderful experience, but images that you will cherish forever.


Just a small example of recent Kauai wedding photography from Jonathan Moeller.

Kauai Wedding Photography

Jonathan grew up on the island of Kauai; surfing, kayaking, and cave diving. His love for the outdoors led him to photography, where he could share his appreciation for Hawaii’s natural beauty with the rest of the world. His father, who worked as a wedding videographer for decades, taught him how to harness his creative talents. A world traveler and graduate of the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Jonathan has worked with the industry’s leading professionals and has brought his skill set back home to share with happy couples looking to capture their special day with a dramatic style that not-only tells a story, but conveys it boldly and brilliantly. When he’s not shooting, Jonathan is at the beach with family and friends, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or planning his next big adventure.

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