The Lahaina wildfire on Aug. 8, a result of decades-long factors, became the deadliest in the U.S. in over a century. Winds over mountains, heating and drying while speeding through canyons, create ideal conditions for fire spread. In Lahaina, named “cruel sun” in Hawaiian and situated in the dry area of the West Maui Mountains, these conditions were met.

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Lahaina Fire Photos

Wailuku, Hawaii (Aug. 12, 2023) – FEMA, US Fire Administration and partners tour Hawaii fire damage.

Lahaina Fire

Maui fire


fires in Lahaina

Lahaina Maui

Maui fire photos

Maui fires

fire in Maui

Maui fires

It’s been a very long road so far, and it looks like we’ve got a lot longer to go before everyone is in permanent housing.  We’re probably 10-15 years away from Lahaina coming back as a town.


Please spread love and aloha for our island community.