What is there to do for a photographer on Maui?

We get this question regularly from both aspiring photographers and professionals visiting the island.

Molokini Snorkeling

You’ll find the calmest waters with the most clarity from within the volcanic atoll of Molokini Crater, just off the coast of South Maui.  Take a short trip from Maalaea Harbor, Kihei Boat Ramp, or Maluaka Beach to this marine sanctuary for the best snorkeling in Maui, Hawaii.

snorkeling girl at Molokini

Why is it so good for photographers?  For those with a GoPro or a professional camera and water housing, this is the spot to capture shots of snorkelers or scuba divers from more of a distance than you can from shore.  You can get those shots with fish and sun rays around your subject that only water- clarity provides.  And, if at Reef’s End, you can get amazing shots of the coral without having a light.  The reef is pretty shallow, so sunlight reaches it and brings out the color.


Maui Road Adventures

Maui Roadsters offer a very unique activity: exploring Maui in a professional reproduction of a classic 1957 Porsche Speedster. Rentals are available for 4 and 12-hours and provide a new appreciation of Maui’s stunning beauty.

Porsche on Maui Hawaii

Why are they so good for photographers?  These beautiful, iconic vehicles are best photographed in paradise.  Brides also love renting them for the wedding to take unforgettable, stylish shots.


Zipline Maui

It’s the closest thing to flying!  Zip over and through trees, enjoy scenic views of the ocean and mountains, learn about the local nature and culture, and have an adrenaline rush you won’t soon forget!

Maui Tropical Plantation Zipline

Why is it so good for photographers?  Not only is skimming the tops of trees exciting but capturing photos from up high on these large platforms allows for Maui views not often available.


Road to Hana

Want to see more gushing waterfalls than you’ve seen in your whole life?  The road to Hana is your best bet.  Pass through lush jungle, rugged coastlines, and by beautiful waterfalls while driving to Hana Town. See recommended Maui Tours.

Hana waterfall bridge

Why is it so good for photographers?  Waterfall after waterfall, ocean caves on a black sand beach, rainforest canopies, and cliff-side roads with open views of the pacific.  There are millions of reasons to visit Hana as a photographer.


Fishing in Maui

If you like fishing or would like to try it, Maui is the place to be.  You’ll be given the opportunity to catch many different kinds of tropical Hawaiian fish, and you’ll be guided by a knowledgeable captain.  The crew handles most of the actual work, so you can relax and wait for fish to bite.

fishing off the shore from Maui

Why is it so good for photographers?  Some of the best photos we’ve captured on the water were during a fishing trip.  Maybe it’s that you have a small group on a boat, so there’s no fighting over the railing.  Maybe it’s that we had more time to shoot, due to our not snorkeling.  Whatever the reasons have been, we’ve captured more than fish while on the water.


Maui Scuba Diving

We have dozens of great spots to scuba dive in Maui.  Our south and west shores are usually the calmest and offer the most visibility. Try a night dive or scooter dive for a unique experience.

scuba diving with a shark on Maui

Why is it so good for photographers?  When scuba diving, you have more time below to shoot what you want.  There’s no rush to get to the surface, so if you happen to come upon a school so squirrelfish in a cave, or see a reef shark hovering over the reef, you’ll have time to get the shot.


Sailing Maui

It’s hard to beat island hospitality on a relaxing sailing excursion. Charters with Trilogy include sunset sails from Ka’anapali Beach and Ma’alaea Harbor as well as snorkeling tours to Molokini Crater, Lana’i, and West Maui.

sailing around Maui Hawaii

Why is it so good for photographers?  Being on the water is a win, anyway that you do it.  When sailing, you also get the quiet only afforded when the motor is off and the sails are high.  These sailboats are smooth and uncrowded, making for beautiful photos of whales, sunsets, and Maui from the water.


Helicopter Tours

Helicopters offer thrilling tours on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and The Big Island. See the lush, untouched Hawaii that you’ve always dreamed about, enjoying amazing aerial views of the islands from above.

helicopter photography

Why are they so good for photographers?  You’ll get access to views found nowhere else.  We have hundreds of waterfalls draped over tall, lush cliffscapes of which end in the ocean with a cinematic explosion!  You can capture unique photos of big wave surfers dropping in at Jaws. You can even get photos of Maui (or yourself) within a full-circle rainbow!  Ever seen one of those?


Rafting Snorkel Tours

Some of the most amazing things to see in Hawaii are best viewed either underwater or from the near-surface.  With a rafting trip, you are as close as you can be to the water before and after your snorkel adventure.

whale Maui Hawaii

Why are they so good for photographers?  During whale season, there’s nothing better than shooting from the surface.  With a pole and GoPro, you can get underwater shots too.  We especially like rafting tours because they’re very small groups, so you won’t have anyone in your way when shooting.


Island Art Party

Maui is jam-packed with outdoor, daytime activities, but finding something fun to do in the evening can be a little more difficult. Island Art Party is a fun, creative, group painting experience. They provide all the supplies you’ll need and direction to get you going so you can enjoy drinks and company and paint your masterpiece!

Maui art class

Why is it so good for photographers?  As a photographer, you’re already an artist.  Sometimes it’s good for you to bend into a different medium.  It gives us perspective… and it’s really fun!


Turtle Town

Though Turtle Town refers to a few different spots along the south and west coast of Maui, West Maui’s Turtle Town is one of the best places to snorkel with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Quicksilver offers snorkeling tours, including all equipment, to this area daily from Lahaina Harbor.

Turtle Town Photography

Why is it so good for photographers?  This is a tricky one.  You can’t legally swim too close to a turtle.  That being said, if the turtle comes to you, they’re fair game for photography.  When we see a turtle, we guess the direction they may be going, set up way ahead of it, and wait.  Sometimes you get lucky and your honu will be curious enough to check out your equipment.


Surfing Maui

Learning to surf can be a daunting task but not when you’re being taught by professional instructors in the calm, warm waves of Maui.  Also, if you’d like to see big surf, you can watch from the cliffs on the North Shore.

surfing Honolua Bay

Why is it so good for photographers?  There are many great spots to shoot surfers around Maui.  Take photos of professionals at Honolua Bay, big wave surfers at Hookipa or Peahi, or even rippers at Lahaina Harbor.  Whether you get photos taken of you during a surf lesson (most surf schools have a photographer in the water to capture the experience) or getting shots of pros, you’ll be glad to have the pictures.


Iao Valley

Step into the past and be awed by the towering cliffs of and lush jungle where historic strategic, decisive battles by ancient Hawaiians raged.  You can tour Iao Valley along with Haleakala National Park and many other inspiring areas of Maui.

Iao Valley Hawaii

Why is it so good for photographers?  You can’t get closer to Jurassic Park than this.  Iao Valley, Needle, and Stream are as photogenic as they come.


Haleakala Sunrise Tours

Experience a mesmerizing sunrise from atop the world’s largest dormant volcano on a fully guided, fully inclusive tour. Pack your camera and capture the beauty of Maui from 10,000 feet above sea level, before enjoying breakfast with a view at Kula Lodge.

Haleakala summit photography

Why is it so good for photographers?  Watching the sunrise from the summit of Haleakala can be breathtaking.  At over 10,000 feet in elevation, you’re usually over the clouds.  So you get to watch the sun appear through them, making for spectacular photos.


Maui Bike Tours

Ride effortlessly for miles downhill from the base of Haleakala National Park.  You’ll wind past the Kula Lavender Farm, through Eucalyptus Trees, and enjoy great views of the central valley and both the south and north coast of Maui.

biking upcountry Maui

Why is it so good for photographers?  There are many spots Upcountry where you can’t stop a car and take photos.  When biking, you can stop almost anywhere inspiration strikes you, so long as you’re off the road and safe.  Upcountry Views make for incredible landscapes.


Luaus Maui

No trip to Maui is complete without going to at least 1 luau show.  As you feast on tropical Hawaiian food, you’ll enjoy fire knife dancers, hula dancers, great music, tasty cocktails, and a perfect Maui sunset.

Fire Dancer at a Luau

Why are they so good for photographers?  How else are you going to get amazing photos of Polynesian dancers and fire knife dancing!  You’ll also have a view of the sunset over the water (at most luaus.)  Plenty to shoot!


Hiking on the Upper West Side

Photo opps abound on HeleWai Eco-Tours’ Honolua Ridgeline Hike: A Conservation Experience—an incredible journey that takes small groups into a reserve to learn about Maui’s history, ecology, and culture.

banyan trees in Maui, Hawaii

Why is it good for photographers? You’ll have the chance to see beautiful flora and fauna and snap untouched vistas that are nothing short of spectacular. What’s more, the hike is through private land that’s inaccessible to the public. Translation? You’ll be able to photograph away with barely a soul around.


Maui Whale Watching

It’s difficult to anticipate the excitement involved with your first whale watch in Maui.  You’ll find that watching these graceful and powerful animals lunge out of the water to be one of the more memorable things to do.

whale watch in Kihei Maui

Why is it so good for photographers?  Though challenging, capturing the perfect whale breach can make a photographer’s YEAR!  There’s something so special about sharing great photographs of these marvelous mammals.