Getting married on the Hawaiian Islands is most couple’s dream come true. Stunning tropical sunsets, sandy feet, swaying palm trees, ocean mist, and fragrant breezes are essentially what destination weddings are all about.

Finalizing even the simplest of tasks, however, especially when it comes down to the nitty-gritty details of wedding planning, can be that much more complicated when trying to do it from thousands of miles away.

Simple Oahu Weddings

When it comes to getting married on Maui or Oahu, wedding planners have not only seen it all, but they’ve done it all, too. Having a professional on your side is one of the easiest ways to take the stress out of planning your destination wedding.

Simple Oahu Weddings

Between getting your marriage license, coordinating beach wedding permits, hiring an officiant, choosing a photographer, and deciding what kind of ceremony fits your personality, wedding planning quickly turns what was supposed to be a relaxing week of romance into a stress-filled week of errand running and incessant phone calls.


Maui Wedding Planners

Maui wedding planners

At Simple Maui Wedding, professional Maui wedding planners easily take over the tedious planning process, making your choices smooth-sailing and simple. Their wedding packages include everything you need to enjoy a beautiful, scenic Maui wedding, and with 25 years of experience, we’re betting there’s never a problem they haven’t solved before. Call (808) 873-0789

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Oahu Wedding Planners

Oahu wedding planners

The folks at Simple Oahu Wedding are eager to make your big day something to cherish forever, so take time to hire the right wedding planner and spend your wedding week the way it was meant to be spent – enjoying paradise with your loved ones! Call (808) 439-6700

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