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When friends come to visit in Maui, or when the mood to feel particularly fancy strikes, one of our favorite things to do is hop aboard a sunset cocktail cruise for a night out on the water. While driving the Road to Hana is a great way to escape and reconnect with nature, a boat ride does similar things for the soul, minus the winding drive, mud-stained car and mosquito bites. Feeling the ocean breeze, hearing the waves and live ukelele music and enjoying stunning views of a stunning place, adult beverage in hand, is one of the most relaxing ways to end a day in paradise. 

There are many boat companies on Maui who offer a variety of sunset cocktail cruises, but one of our favorites is Pride of Maui, thanks to their accommodating and entertaining staff members and onboard perks. Ahem, open bar. 

On our recent sunset cocktail cruise for a friend's birthday, we were greeted and promptly given the please-don't-puke-on-the-boat, the-bathrooms-are-here spiel, followed by a warm welcome from the bar staff and exceptional view of South Maui from Maalaea Harbor. 

Once out on open ocean, the bar was open for business and Adult Relaxation 101 was open for enrollment. After enjoying a cocktail with good company and beautiful views of the West Maui Mountains, neighbor island of Lana'i and Haleakala Volcano aboard the top deck, we were told pupus would be set out shortly.

Pupus indeed, brah! A buffet of shrimp cocktail, hummus, artichoke dip, chicken, ribs, crackers, thai chile sauce and fresh fruit were served up with a smile, and top deck views of the sun fading into the horizon and the Maui skyline was one for the books. 

Strawberry shortcake and more live Hawaiian music were served for dessert, and our friends felt truly welcome and grateful to spend a night outdoors under the stars with good company.

Big thank you to Pride of Maui for showing us a wonderful time, and we hope to get back out on the water with you soon! 

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