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Those 'in the know' will tell you that camping is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in Hawaii, and especially on Maui. With so many microclimates, gorgeous views and exotic locations to choose from, the hardest part of camping is narrowing down where to do it.

One major issue for travelers, however, is what to do about getting your camping gear to Maui. While pitching a tent sounds easy enough, bulky items like a sleeping bag, cooking stove, cooler, beach chairs and others obviously make it much more enjoyable. But instead of buying all of that gear on the island (which adds up quickly), we recommend renting it to save time, money and effort that you can instead spend on your adventures!

Camp Maui-X offers full camping equipment rentals for 2 people, which come with professional grade tents or camping hammocks, pillows, a cooler, sleeping bags, headlamps, coffee maker, BBQ grill, cooking stove, utensils, cookware, chairs, a water container and more. Rent what you need and be on your way!

Chances are, however, you're also going to rent a car while on Maui. An even more practical option from the same company includes an SUV or Truck Rental with a Rooftop Camping Setup. The tent stays attached to the roof of your rental car, totally eliminating any need for tedious campsite preparation. A full camping kit with everything listed above plus a 4-inch foam mattress, maps, lanterns, backpack, and beach towels are also included with your rental, and the cars are equipped to get you to the best campsites around Maui. 

A final option is the Super Excursion, a guided camping tour of the island that can be customized to fit you and your group's needs. Whether you want every meal to be prepared for you, a personal kayak tour around the coast of Maui, a private hiking tour to secluded waterfalls, etc., it can be arranged. An amazing option for families or those a little hesitant about the idea of camping!

For more information or to reserve camping gear or a rooftop camping vehicle for your upcoming trip to Maui, please contact Camp Maui-X or call 808.298.5828. 

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