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UPDATE:  The MEC chefs and Maui Chef’s Table experience has since moved to work at the Mill House Restaurant.  This consistently sold-out event is now 9-courses and held once a week.  See if there are any tickets left for the next Maui Chef’s Table.

When listing the top foodie destinations in the world, places like New York, Hong Kong, Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo and Paris are often some of the first to come to mind. But you shouldn't rule out Hawaii, and in particular Maui, which in recent years has gained exposure for its talented chefs and food professionals both in and out of the kitchen.

Enter Maui Executive Catering, who uses fresh, local ingredients grown on Maui at every opportunity. Executive Chef and Owner Jeff Scheer sources local ingredients to create an authentic 'farm to table' experience in an intimate setting on Maui's north shore, in the small town of Haiku. 

The Chef's Table, in particular, is where the real flavor experience shines. Hosted at their cozy prep table, this event includes 7 courses with a maximum of 14 people, perfect for couples, individuals and small groups of friends or family. 

Bring your own alcohol, sit back, relax, and watch unique, flavorful, and beautifully plated dishes come alive in front of you. The experience and service is unlike any other restaurant experience offered on Maui, and a must for those really interested in tasting the best of what Maui has to offer.

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